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Secrets of the Wild Child Essay

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“Secrets of the Wild Child”
Video Worksheet

Briefly describe the circumstances surrounding the discovery of “Genie”: She was discovered by a social worker at the age of 13 in a room isolated from her mother and father. She was also found with a diaper around her and the only thing she had was a bed and a potty chair. ____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

What areas of development did Genie struggle with? What aspects of socialization were missing that impacted her lack of development? She struggled with talking and communicating with others. _________________________________________________________________________________________ __________________________________________________________________________________________ _________________________________________________________________________________________ What was the debate about Genie’s development? The debate about her development was ask was she born retarded or did the isolation make her that way, and was she going to be able to learn. _________________________________________________________________________________________


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What is the “forbidden experiment” and how was the discovery in 1800 of Victor in France a model of that kind of experiment? What traits from isolation did Genie and Victor have in common? The forbidden experiment was to see what made human’s human. By doing so they had the chance to see human natural strip from society and culture. The few traits that they both had in common were that both could not talk and either did not know any language. And both doctors asked were they born retarded or did the isolation do it. _________________________________________________________________________________________


Explain the “critical period” hypothesis of language acquisition. This means that a certain age you should be taught a certain language. After that age it is difficult and takes a lot of effort to each one a new language. _________________________________________________________________________________________



Apply terms from chapter 3 on socialization that connect to Genie? Sociobiology, Child abuse, and ChildMaltreatment_________________________________________________________________________________________

Highlight the main findings from the Harlow money experiment; How does this connect to Genie?__ That with the right tools and personal you can teach anything how you want them to be.____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________

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