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Movie Essay Examples

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2001: A Space Odyssey

Stanley Kubric in the movie “2001: A Space Odyssey” does a great job using as little as possible to make the most out of a movie. What he actually did with the film was make a philosophical statement about man’s place in the universe. He did this by using images and left the movie up…

Bend It Like Beckham

In the movie “Bend It Like Beckham” Jess has to face the problems of what she wants and her family wants for her, but in the end she chose what makes her happy even if her family doesn’t approve. The first abysmal conflict was that Jess gets in a horrible fight with her best friend…

Thelma and Louise

This movie is talking about an adventure of two women, who are middle age good friends and they plan to have a fun just for 2 days originally. However, after the accident happened in the parking lot of a bar on their way to their destination, everything went wrong and their vacation was like a…



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Men of Honor

Men of Honor, is based on the life story of a black man named Carl Brashear, played by Cuba Gooding Jr. , who though sheer determination reached a goal he’d always dreamed of and proved society wrong. This film thoroughly displays the determination Brashear has throughout tough times and the honor he gains from others…

Movie Review of Paradise Now

Paradise Now has received much attention and recognition, and the reasons for this run long. First, it deals with a very timely and sensitive topic – suicide bombing. Without a doubt, it cannot be denied that the 9/11 bombings have harbored an intense interest regarding terrorism among people not just in the United States, but…

Ridley Scot on Bladerunner and Frankenstein

Interviewer: Ridley Scot, thank you for taking the time to talk to us about your movie Blade Runner. It is quite an interesting film that raises a lot of issues and certainly makes us as an audience think and question out morality and our values. Ridley Scot: Well any great movie or film should indeed…

La Vita E Bella

“La vita e bella” is a 1997 Italian heart-warmer, directed by and starring Roberto Benigni. A Jewish bookshop owner, Guido Orifice uses his frivolous sense of humour in an attempt to keep his child’s innocence while at a concentration camp. This film was a huge success, winning the Academy Award for Best Actor at the…

Saving Private Ryan

In critiquing Steven Spielberg’s movie Saving Private Ryan, I realized that you can not base a move only on realism. A good movie has got to have some kind of character or formalism to carry the viewer through these realistic scenes. Spielberg not only uses these tools but also showed stereotyped images in his characters….

Pollock: movie review

The movie POLLOCK directed by Ed Harris is based on a book on Jackson Pollock, an Abstract Expressionist artist. It depicts the troubled life of Jackson Pollock spotlighting his artistic ace, his ragged inner self, his inebriation and his self annihilative disposition. POLLOCK is moving portrayal of Jackson Pollock who was suicidal and mentally agitated…

The Prince of Tides and Rogers’ Core Conditions of Psychotherapy

In the movie The Prince of Tides, Nick Nolte played Tom Wingo, a former football coach haunted by his dark family history. After a suicide attempt by his twin sister, Tom travels to New York as an attempt to provide a better sense of his family’s history to her new psychiatrist, Dr. Susan Lowenstein, portrayed…

Review of a Leader Movie Armageddon

1. Style Of Leadership The style of leadership portrayed by Bruce Willis was decisive and with full conviction, in the best interest of everyone under his care and jurisdiction as shown below. a) As a father, he undertook the sole responsibility of bringing up his daughter from young, after his separation from his wife. He…

Hitler Rise of Evil Review

In my opinion, the movie Hitler Rise of Evil was a very informative movie, it was very accurate and gave some great insight to me. I thought the costume design was very accurate and good, as well as the portrayal of the lifestyle of back then. One thing I found with this film is that…

Boyz N the Hood

In the movie Boyz N the Hood there is a constant conflict that follows many of the characters. The movie takes place in South Central Los Angeles, which is a very dangerous neighborhood. There are lots of shootings, drugs, and other crimes which take place there on a daily basis. This is a predominantly African…

Save the Earth from Its Near Destruction

Human and environment are interconnected. What we do to the earth will return to us also humans. Because of taking things for granted, our environment is undergoing to destruction. This movie, The 11th Hour, serves us an eye-opener to its audience. The root of earth destruction began when trees in forest were cut down. Tree…

A Critique of the Hunger Games

The Hunger Games is the first movie of a trilogy based on the books written by Suzanne Collins. The story takes place in post-apocalyptic America a nation now called Panem ruled by the Capital. Panem consist of twelve districts each responsible for growing or manufacturing goods for the capital. The Capital keeps control by oppressing…

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