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Einstein’s Big Idea

Michael Faraday – Concept
Discovered electromagnetism, connection between magnetism and electricity. Electricity flows sideways towards/around wire, not through it.

Michael Faraday – Experiment
Got static magnet to move a wire, instead of the other way around. Essentially invented electric motor.

Antoine & Marie Laviosier – nationality

Antoine & Marie Laviosier – Concepts
No mass is ever lost or gained – nature is a closed system (Law of Conservation of mass), science is quantitative (can all be measured)

Antoine & Marie Laviosier – Experiment
Heats water, moves gas through hot rocks, cools gas. Water and gas are collected. When the masses are combined, they equal the original mass of the water. Use static electricity to get H & O to combine back into water

Antoine & Marie Laviosier – Challenges
Obsession w details, not well-liked, tax collector, beheaded in French Revolution

James Clerk Maxwell – Nationality

James Clerk Maxwell – Concept
Light is an electromagnetic wave & speed of light is 670,000,000 mi/hr

Emile du Chatelet – nationality

Emile du Chatelet – concept
Energy of an object is mass times velocity squared, not just mass times velocity. (Originally Leibniz’s idea)

Emile du Chatelet – Experiment
Dropped lead balls into clay and measured the speed of the balls and the distance they travelled into the clay.

Emile du Chatelet- challenges
was a woman, looked down upon for that. Became pregnant at 43 and died

Albert Einstein – nationality

Albert Einstein – concept
Time will slow as you approach the speed of light, energy can be converted into mass

Lise Meitner – nationality

Lise Meitner/Otto Hahn – concept
If you bombard large nuclei w/ neutrons it’ll split it into more nuclei and it will release energy (nuclear fission). At first they were trying to add neutrons to increase the size of the nucleus.

Otto Robert Frisch
Related to Lise Meitner, helped her w her research after she fled nazi germany

Lise Meitner & Otto Hahn – experiment
Bombarded uranium w neutrons

Lise Meitner – Challenges
Had anxiety, not taken seriously bc female, Jew in Nazi Germany, Hahn took credit for her work.

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